Office of legal adviser
Marta Kołacińska


Commercial and Business Law

  • assistance in the process of establishing business activity in the form of registered, limited, or professional partnership, as well as limited liability, or joint-stock companies - preparing drafts of company contracts, articles of association, taking care of paperwork related to the registration of the company at the National Court Register,
  • assistance in the processes of transformation, mergers and acquisitions,
  • analysis of legal status of companies held for disposal (a.k.a. due diligence),
  • elaborating drafts of articles of association for foundations and associations,
  • current legal services for companies, among others, in the realm of exercising corporate responsibilities as well as servicing company governing bodies (such as the board of directors, the supervisory board, the meeting of shareholders), as well as drawing regulations and internal documents,
  • assistance in the process of liquidation of a business entity,
  • performing duties concerning bankruptcy and reorganization law, e.g. preparing petitions in bankruptcy, statement of claim in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • preparing legal opinions in the area of abiding law, including the evaluation of legal risk,
  • representation at negotiations, as well as during court proceedings, including those related to responsibility resulting from the provisions of the Code of Commercial Companies,
  • providing cooperation with Notary's Offices and tax advisers.

Real Estate Law

  • preparing analysis of the legal status of different real estate (the so-called due diligence),
  • assistance in regulating the legal status of real estate,
  • assistance in the process of purchasing and selling real estate,
  • drawing and evaluating drafts of contracts of sale, contracts of donation, swap agreements, developer agreements, construction works contracts, contracts of lease, contracts of tenancy, etc.
  • representation in negotiation processes concerning the aforesaid contracts,
  • representation before courts, including land and mortgage register court,
  • representation in cases concerning issues such as right of prescription, abolition of joined ownership, establishment of easement,
  • representation in administrative cases upon Act on Real Estate Management,
  • counseling at every stage of the investment process, assistance in obtaining permits and authorisations necessary in order to establish and operate an investment,
  • guarantee of specialist assistance in the area of Environmental Protection Law and Tax Law.
  • preparing drafts as well as evaluating and negotiating, among others, licence agreements, contract of transfer of author's royalties, co-authorship agreement,
  • preparing legal opinion concerning copyright,
  • counseling in the area of protecting copyright, property and personal rights,
  • legal services for the audiovisual industry: particularly in the area of co-production agreements (Polish and international), distribution agreements, agreements with authors and performers, financing agreements for film projects and productions,
  • counseling in the area of protecting trademarks, industrial and utility designs and patents,
  • representation in proceedings concerning the protection and violation of copyright, protection of industrial property rights, as well as in disputes regulated by the Act on Combating Unfair Competition.

Contract Law

  • preparing drafts of contracts,
  • assistance in negotiation processes,
  • evaluating contracts / issuing opinions on contracts,
  • representation in court and out of court proceedings related to enforcement of claims resulting, among others, from contractual liability, non-compliance or stipulated penalties.

Labour Law

  • preparing internal acts oof labour law: work regulations, remuneration and bonus regulations, company's social benefit fund,
  • preparing drafts and issuing opinions on, among others, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, and management contracts,
  • assistance in negotiation processes with trade unions,
  • representation in court and out of court proceedings related to, among others, claims under employment, mobbing, or termination notices,
  • preparing legal opinions.

Family Law

  • counseling and representation at court proceedings related to divorce, separation, division of property, alimony, regulating contacts with a child, or adoption,
  • preparing legal opinions.

Inheritance Law

  • counseling and representation at proceedings concerning the ascertainment of the acquisition of an inheritance, division of inheritance, or pronouncing somebody dead,
  • preparing legal opinions.